About Kentel

Kenya Telecentre Network (KenTel) is a national organization committed to increasing the social and economic impact of grassroot
telecentres. It seeks to create opportunities for telecentres to share and learn from each other in Kenya and across the world.

We are inspired and motivated by the Kenya Governments efforts to empower Kenyans with digital skills, however because we understand the limitations and gaps of these efforts, we are set out to help Kenya reach the last mile in information access.

Our dream is to have every Kenyan youth, men and women as well as people living with disabilities being able to find ways to appreciate the power of technology, are able to make use DSC01523government services through Huduma Centres more effectively, are able to harness the power of the Internet and other ICT platforms to innovate and get digitally empowered.

We believe that access to ICTs will contribute to the country’s economic growth by reducing transaction costs, increasing business efficiency, improving educational standards and ensuring accountability on the part of government officials.

The Kenyan government also acknowledges that ICTs will increase the country’s productivity and raise the competitiveness of local businesses in a knowledge-based economy.


What is a telecentre?

Short Definition

A telecentre is a public place where people can find information, create, learn and channel new ideas, services, training and opportunities for millions, specially women, girls, children and undeserved communities.

Long Definition

Everyday, millions of people rely on telecentres around the world for information, education, business, and entertainment. A telecentre doesn't just deliver critical services, it also creates opportunities for people and community development. Telecentre.org Foundation has been the main engine behind the global telecentre movement. A vast network of more than 550,000 public access and telecentres, including over 1,800 organizations from around the world that together provide critical access, tools, training and entrepreneurial mentoring on ICT and Internet technologies to more than one billion people every day.

Our Vision

An information-enabled, globally-connected and knowledge-based Africa

Our Mission

To empower and equip youth, women and vulnerable groups with ICT skills with an aim to become self-reliant as well as increase chances of employability. At the core of our offerings, we promote innovation, entrepreneurship and digital empowerment.

Our Objectives

• To facilitate knowledge and information exchange through training, education and professional networking.
• To link grassroots organizations to ICTs and innovations towards the realization SDG.
• To promote ICT continuous research and knowledge generation for community development.

• To promote use of ICTs for community development through telecentres.
• To engage in ICT policies formulation and development through advocacy and lobbying.