Our Work

Our work revolves around Information Communication Technology (ICT) as an enabler to empowering communities in various sectors of development. Agriculture, health, education are key areas we believe ICT’s can propel if only ICT’s potential can be harnessed. Women and youth is our primary focus as an organization, believing strongly that the strides we make to empower communities must focus on empowering this particular group in areas of education, entrepreneurship and job creation.

Community telecentres is our best bet and model in delivering technical/entrepreneurial skills to youth and women right from grassroots level. Telecentres support a wide of range of clientele; from peasant farmers, to teachers, students, men and women, young and elderly members of the community whose need to access information appetite to acquire new skills/re-skill grows in order to have better chances of getting employment or become self-employed. All these needs can be diligently met by telecentres.

Our brand therefore embodies the concept of networking and community support to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). ICT will no doubt play a critical role in the realization of SDGs by 2030