Organizational Capacity Development

Our OCD program is designed to periodically monitor the effectiveness of previous actions, evaluate progress and identify persistent problems, new gaps and strategies to continue to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of organizations.

Lessons learned from capacity building experience indicate that the design of capacity building tools must recognize the extraordinary complexities inherent in organizations and the task of helping them to function better.

We recommend maximizing participation of personnel and other stakeholders, an orientation toward improved service delivery to constituents and beneficiaries as opposed to donors, top-level management commitment, a holistic approach encompassing vision and strategy as well as human resource and systems development, attention to organizational culture as the glue that binds and motivates people, and an emphasis on higher-level analytical and adaptive capacity as well as development of more traditional technical skills.

We work to create ideal capacity building tools that contribute to enhanced performance and increased organizational cohesiveness while, at the same time, encourage individual initiative and provide opportunities for professional and personal growth.